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queen 2.0 Pressure Field Calculator [.ZIP; 38 MB]
This MATLAB software package takes as input one or more text files with 2D or 3D velocity field data and, optionally, files with coordinates of a solid object in the flow, and computes the corresponding pressure field. queen 2.0 eliminates the quasi-steady approximations used in version 1.0, so it can compute fully unsteady pressure due to accelerating flows, added mass/acceleration reaction in flow-structure interactions with moving and deformable bodies, etc. See Dabiri et al. (2014) for background and technical details.

Code updates:
Improved spatial filter at fluid-solid interfaces to eliminate smearing of undefined pressure (7 Sep 2013)

LCS MATLAB Kit Version 2.3 (w/ inertial particle modelling!) [.ZIP; 405 KB]
This MATLAB software package improves the interpolation scheme used in Version 1.0, optimizes the algorithm for significantly reduced computational time, and enables the calculation of FTLE fields for inertial particles using a linearized Maxey-Riley model. See Shadden et al. (2006), Peng and Dabiri (2009), and the LCS Online Tutorial for background and technical details regarding Lagrangian coherent structures.

LCS MATLAB Kit Version 1.0 [.ZIP; 166 KB]
This MATLAB software package enables the user to input a time-series of velocity field data (e.g., DPIV measurements or CFD calculations) and compute the corresponding finite-time Lyapunov exponent (FTLE) fields, from which Lagrangian Coherent Structures (LCS) such as vortices and fluid transport barriers can be identified.

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